What makes a great builder?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 11:00:55 AM Australia/Melbourne

“We’re big enough to benefit from lasting supplier relationships and offer incredible discounts, whilst still small enough to truly care about each of our project homes.”

Experience and reputation

Bellmarch Homes was founded by builders, not businessmen.

When two gold license builders formed Bellmarch Developments, their clients received the benefit of over 60 years building experience. More than 26 years later, some things haven’t changed. The goal of the company is still to provide quality at an affordable price. At Bellmarch Homes, we understand that building and buying a home is one of the biggest commitments most people will make in their lifetime.

Customising your Home with Bellmarch

With Bellmarch Homes, every client has the opportunity to customise their new home’s exterior colour, roofing material, interior flooring and many other design elements. For those who want additional customisation options, we offer a range of design packages. You can tailor your new home to suit your taste and lifestyle, whether you are a passionate cook who loves to entertain, or you would like professional landscaping to complement your home’s exterior.

Building homes is in no way an easy task, and in trying to focus on the end product, sometimes builders tend to miss out on the smaller details. Here at Bellmarch we focus on the smaller details, right from location, the land on which the building is being constructed, the building materials, to our customers.

Focusing on Customer Relationships

At Bellmarch Homes we are here to support our clients by guiding you through each stage. When customers have requirements, or concerns we try our best to listen to our customers and address issues with the best solution. The concept of a family is ever changing and continual communication and interaction throughout the building process is one of the ways homeowner’s expectations are met, and exceeded. “The building process is like watching a child grow up, being involved from the time the hole is dug to receiving the keys can be exhilarating. Site visits are part of that process; you simply can’t ask customers who are spending so much money to stay away until it is complete.”

Liability and worker’s compensation insurance are a must

When you invest in one of Bellmarch’s modern homes, you are investing in a home that’s built to last. Bellmarch Homes is a Gold Member of the Housing Industry Association (HIA). We provide comprehensive insurance for the entire duration of the building of your new home. Bellmarch is classified as a major Builder under the NSW Self Insurance Corporation so your Home Owners Warranty Insurance is taken care of. We offer a 2-year maintenance warranty and a 50-year structural warranty on all our homes.

Fees and Approvals

Bellmarch will co-ordinate the preparation and submission of Council or complying development applications. These include development applications, construction certificates, required building inspections, statements of environmental effects, shadow diagrams, long service levies, Basix assessment, hydraulic engineer’s designs, landscape designs, acoustic reports, bushfire assessments, standard waterboard and connection approvals or any other authority requirements. Bellmarch care about the environment and your neighbourhood so sediment control measures are in place all throughout construction.

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