Custom Designed Homes

One of the main advantages of building your new home from the ground up is the ability to choose a floor plan that perfectly aligns with your daily routine and requirements. Bellmarch allow for customisation such that living spaces can be optimised to suit your family’s needs.

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Our Process:

Bellmarch follows a simple and effective step-by-step process that encompasses three main phases for the completion of your custom designed and built home.

Design and Planning Phase 1

-     Initial sales and design consultation

-     Site Inspection

-     Enlistment of an architectural draftsmen

-     Contour survey and sewer diagram by a registered surveyor

-     Design Meeting with Architectural Draftsmen

-     Presentation of Initial Concept Plans

-     Variations can be made to the working plans until acceptance of the amended design

-     This phase generally takes from 3-6 weeks.

Approval & Colour Selection Phase 2

-     Compilation and acceptance/ signing of building agreement

-     Compilation and submission of the development application to Council/ certifier

-     Selection of all internal house fittings and fixtures through external consultations with kitchen, electrical and tile suppliers

-     Consultation with Bellmarch decorator to finalise and consolidate customised selections

-     Receipt of development consent, acquisition of a construction certificate

-     Client to provide authority to commence from lending body or financier

-     This phase generally takes from 12-20 weeks

Construction Phase 3

-      Bellmarch takes possession of the site, excavates the building platform and secures the site with security fencing.

-      Bellmarch will allocate a construction supervisor to the job and they will meet with you on-site to exchange phone numbers so that ongoing contact is assured.

-      Construction is segmented into 5 Stages and payments are made upon the completion of each:  concrete slab, framework, roof tiles, fix-out, practical completion.

-      This phase generally takes from 24-36 weeks

Our Architectural Services:

We offer an architectural service as part of our custom-designed home package with a qualified Architectural Draftsmen. This includes Consultations with the Draftsmen, application of a Contour Survey and relevant Council DCP’s to produce a design of your custom designed home before committing to the build. These services will incur a one-off fee that will be included in the overall cost of the project should you proceed with the build.

Beyond our custom options, we offer several other complementary products and services not limited to our new house and land packages and knockdown and rebuild services. Learn more about our full range of services.

Single or Double Storey Home Design?

There are several factors to consider before making this decision. Building costs, spatial constraint, developer and Council rules - and the list goes on. Learn more about the pros and cons between single and double-storey home designs before making a decision. Enquire online to visit our display homes which are conveniently located at Homeworld Marsden Park,19 Ellison Street Marsden Park NSW 2765.

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