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How do I get started with Bellmarch?

Consolidate all paperwork and details relating to your land and visit the Bellmarch sales office to discuss your land and building requirements. Our sales representatives are also accessible via email at sales@bellmarch.com.au.

Does Bellmarch build in all Council areas?

We build in all greater Sydney Council areas extending from Cronulla in the South, down to Camden/Campbelltown, out to the Blue Mountains.

Is Bellmarch a fully licensed building company and a member of any building associations?

Bellmarch are a long established Gold Member of the Housing Industry Association. Our Builders’ License Number is 50045c.

Are Council fees included in your prices?

Yes, we include the standard development application fees to the Council in our overall quote and handle the approval process for you from start to finish.

Is it cheaper to renovate my old home or to do a complete re-build?

On a cost per square metre basis, a new home works out to be much better value as the cost per square metre required during renovation is around 2 and a half times more expensive. Learn more about our knockdown and rebuild services.

Can I make changes to my house design (i.e. al-frescos, patios, etc.)?

We are very flexible with our services, and are able to work around your requirements. We offer custom designed and built homes. There is no cost penalty for making changes. Instead they are worked out on an individual basis with charges for additional material and labour or credit if less work is required.

Can I conduct religious ceremonies before the building starts?

This is quite a common request and we are more than happy to accommodate religious practices.

Is it possible to build two homes on a block of large land?

We often build two houses on one block of land. Speak to your local Council to see if dual occupancy is possible for your lot as rules vary from Council to Council or give us a call as we can help you every step of the way.

Could I arrange for you to build my new house alongside a granny flat at the back of my land?

We can arrange for a 60 metre squared granny flat to be built alongside your new house. This needs to be discussed with our sales consultant at the same time as you are discussing your new home. 

Do you build Duplex homes?

We can build duplex homes for you as part of our custom design services, depending on your Council’s rules and regulations along with your specific requirements for floor plan layouts.

Do you have contacts for home lending?

We work with a company called Mortgage House who have provided competitive rate loans to many of our clients. Learn more about their service. We also have strong affiliations with otherIndependent Mortgage Brokers.

Will you provide building tenders required for home loans?

Yes, please discuss this above item with one of our sales consultants so that they can advise as to the documentation and details you will need for us to provide you with a fixed price building tender and contract.

How long will Council approvals take?

Council approval durations may vary according to the Council, but the process general takes between 12-20 weeks.

How long will the entire building process take?

Our contractual building period spans 36 weeks, a deadline that we have never failed to meet in our 21 years within the industry.

Can I do the work myself during the building process?

If you are a licensed tradesman or want to complete some work after the handover, we can arrange for this to happen. Speak to one of our sales representatives about available options.

How long does your knockdown and rebuild service take, and do you manage the entire process?

The duration of a knockdown and rebuild varies according to the job at hand. The average time required for a double storey home is approximately 12 months from start to finish with less time being required for a single storey home design. Learn more about our knockdown and rebuild service.

Bellmarch works with reliable contractors who will manage the demolition and can even arrange for demolition quotes for you. Get in touch with one of our sales representatives today.

How can I inspect my home during construction?

You may get in touch with your construction supervisor to request a suitable time for a site inspection by simply calling his mobile phone. Each Bellmarch Home has 1 Supervisor assigned who will be your point of contact at any time throughout construction.

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