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Older members of the family often have concerns focused on their ability to cope and maintain independent living as time passes. Their current property arrangement may require too much upkeep, be in poor repair, or is far too big for their needs.

Bellmarch’s architecturally designed modern homes allow for three generations of family members to coexist under the same roof without having to share main living areas. Our integrated living designs allow for family members, whether it be used as a granny flat or teenage retreat, to retain a sense of independence without the strain of maintaining an additional property or missing out on being a part of eachothers’ lives.

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Integrated Living

Custom built integrated living houses are an option to consider when enlisting our knockdown and rebuild services. It is often the case that the cost of these custom built homes are shared, or that the land is provisioned by the parents. So whether it’s a granny flat or a teenage retreat, these modern designs allow shared freedom and independence for all family members under the same roof.

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We offer an optional Gold Pass value added extended 50-year structural guarantee for all our project homes, that’s how much faith we have in our work.

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