Experienced New Home Builders Making the Process of Building Easier for You!

We offer a comprehensive step by step procedure that makes the modern home building and buying process far more streamlined and stress free for our clients. Our service comprises of several components:

Consultations and Expert Advice for New Home Builders


During knockdown and rebuild projects or our new house and land packages, Bellmarch will arrange to have a contour survey carried out to confirm existing site levels. Surveys are also carried out throughout construction to ensure your dream home is as it should be every step of the way.

Structural Engineers

Bellmarch will engage a structural engineer to provide a site classification report and details for reinforced concrete slab and structural steel which will be incorporated in the construction of the dwelling. This will also include wind classification for determination of bracing, wall ties and tie down requirements.

Interior Decoration, Tile Suppliers and Colour Consultation

We organise an electrical consultation as well as visits to a kitchen manufacturer’s showroom and our tile suppliers’ showrooms to help you make your selections. Finally, we arrange a meeting with our very own interior decorator at one of our display homes to help finalise all of your selections and customise your new Bellmarch Home just the way you want it.

Development Application Process:


Bellmarch will prepare scaled working drawings including construction detailing and specifications along with any documents required for applications for a normal submission to Council for the construction of the dwelling.

Fees and Approvals

Bellmarch will co-ordinate the preparation and submission of Council or complying development applications. These include development applications, construction certificates, required building inspections, statements of environmental effects, shadow diagrams, long service levies, basix assessment, hydraulic engineer’s designs, landscape designs, acoustic reports, bushfire assessments, standard waterboard and connection approvals or any other authority requirements.

Building Your Home

Comprehensive Insurance

We provide comprehensive insurance for the entire duration of the building of your new home. Bellmarch is classified as a Major Builder under the NSW Self Insurance Corporation so your Home Owners Warranty Insurance is taken care of.

Security Fencing

We will arrange for 1800mm high temporary site security fences including double gates to the front which are required by the Work Cover Authority to secure the site for the duration of the building period.


Bellmarch will provide site preparation, benching and levelling of the building platform on even the most difficult blocks.

External Drainage/ Water Service

Standard service connections are included in your fixed price tender and we can assist with more difficult sites that require more advanced systems designed by a hydraulic engineer or connections outside the boundary. Standard recycled water connection from street to house is available in estates with recycled water facilities.

Power Supply/ Connection

We will provide all of your electrical requirements from the initial mains connection to the establishment of service provider accounts for ongoing services.

Sediment Control

Bellmarch care about the environment and your neighbourhood so sediment control measures are in place all throughout construction.

Pest Control

Bellmarch will engage the services of a licensed pest control company to treat against subterranean termites in accordance with Australian Standards

Post Building Services

Home Owners Warranty

Bellmarch provides ‘Home Owners Warranty’ insurance as we are classified as a major builder under the NSW Self Insurance Corporation, the state body that administers all home warranty insurance.

Maintenance Warranty

Bellmarch offers a 2-year statutory warranty period following the completion of your new luxury project home

Structural Warranty -  Note: We offer our clients an upgraded Structural Warranty, unlike any other builder in Sydney because we know that Bellmarch Homes are both structurally sound and well-built homes.

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